Doctor Who Christmas special revelations!

The news is all over the net now but this came via msn and it’s all about this years Doctor Who Christmas Special. Apparently it looks like the Doctor’s companion may be someone he knows very, very well. For the sake of not wanting to spoil this news I’ll just put the link so you can decide whether or not you want the surprise spoilt.

Personally, although some Who fans have suggested that this idea may cause some problems down the line I like it.The Christmas specials have never really entertained me to be honest. They’ve been ok but nothing special, at least, by the sound of it they’re trying something different this year and I’m all for that. 

How well it will work remains to be seen.

GS Reporter: SB (who found the link) and The Nuge

Source: MSN

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  1. Yeah. As I mentioned on the forum, I’d rather see this concept done in print where you can get away with not describing someone and leaving it open to the reader.

    I agree with you about Christmas Specials. They’re fun but I would rather have seen a “normal” Who episode (possibly longer running) than all this – ooh look, it’s christmas and there’s aliens malarky.

    I had in my head that the person discussed in that article wasn’t going to be who he appears to be. Either way – so long as it’s well written and acted, I’m open to it.

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