Doctor Who up for 2 National Television Awards.
04/01/2011 NEWS

As has become almost traditional, our favourite explorer in Time and Space is up for awards again. This time, Matt smith is nominated for Best Actor and the show itself is up for Best Drama.

Now personally, I think both are deserving of winning. Last year’s series and the Christmas special were superb telly and for the most part worthy of being hailed as “good drama”. I hear mixed things about Matt Smith but the man has talent and such a clear passion for a show that he knew little about previously. There are those who seem to think he has little acting ability but I think the man’s a genius, pulling off an entire range within an episode on occasion.

The show itself has gone from strength to strength and I can’t wait for the next series to hit…

Fingers crossed for the awards, which will be held on January 26 2011.

Source:BBC Doctor Who Site
GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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