Dodgeball Director to Rewrite Umbrella Academy For Universal

Universal has now hired Rawson Thurberthe director of Dodgeball and given him the task of rewriting the 1st draft of a film adaptaion of the Umbrella Academy.

For those who don’t know the The Umbrella Academy was a six issue mini series comic written by Gerald Way with art by Gabriel Ba. The story centered around a young superhero team who reunite as adults after the death of their mentor, Sir Reginald Hargreeves aka The Monocle.

I thought the comic had a great pulp, retro vibe to it and if handled right (liker most good comics to be honest) would make for a great film. I don’t really have any strong opion on Thurber having a crack at this another than I loved Dodgeball, which is no real help here. The one question I do have is will Dr. Pogo the A talking chimp make it into the film? If not I will be having serious would with Mr Thurber

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Source: GeekTryant

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