Does the “Arrow” Promo Hint at a Familiar DC Baddie?

Blink, and you might certainly have missed it. Missed what? If you’ve watched the following promo for The CW’s Arrow, we learn a lot about Oliver Queen, his family, and how he’s changed since he was stranded on that island. What we don’t know a lot about are the villains.

One villain wears a red mask, sort of like Black Mask, only it’s a bit too large. Another villain, who I don’t think appears in any other guise, is this character:

Deathstroke mask Deathstroke the Terminator

Familiar?  There’s no mistaking it. That mask bears quite a resemblance to the assassin Deathstroke. Deathstroke has appeared on a live action TV show before, and he looked like this. With all the differences between Arrow and Smallville, I don’t know if Deathstroke will be the one who returns to the small screen. What do you think?

Reporter: Vichus Smith

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