Dollhouse Season 2 DVD Review

Out on Blu-ray and DVD  the thirteen episodes continue the intricacies of the first season, with Eliza Dushku’s multiple personalities competing  for space inside her mind, with her doll state (codenamed Echo) able to access, but not control them.

Echo’s development was far from the most interesting part of the show. The intrigue and politics behind the many Dollhouses and their parent organisation Rossum spotlighted the power struggles and shifting motivations weaving through the ensemble casts. L.A. Dollhouse headmistress Adelle DeWitt nearly crumbled, and the show’s biggest climax came from the mystery behind Rossum’s founder.

There are some very decent stories from, Alexis Denisof’s Senator Perrin,  the D.C. Dollhouse and the introduction of Summer Glau’s awkward genius Bennett.

Standout episodes include Priya’s episode Belonging, The Public Eye, the return of Alpha in A Love Supreme and the final four episodes which do a great job of drawing together the multiple narrative strands to a thrilling, and satisfying climax. Then, of course, we go back to the future for Epitaph Two: Return which is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

The extras on the three disc set range from the always interesting episode commentaries, outtakes and deleted scenes and two documentaries which look at the evolution of the show’s second season and then a strange round table dining experience where the cast and Whedon reminisce on the show.

With the Blu-ray/DVD you also get a short comic called Epitaphs which tells the story of the moment when the outbreak took hold and the Dollhouse technology wreaks havoc. It’s a nice touch, bridging the gap between the series and Epitaphs One and Two nicely.

With The Avengers in Joss Whedon’s  future and the various television deaths suffered by a thousand cancellations it may be that the doors closing on the Dollhouse signal the last time Whedon channels his considerable creative energies to the small screen.

While Dollhouse isn’t close to being his finest work, it is a gem to be discovered, and the Blu-ray and DVD set is the perfect way to indulge yourself.

Overall I would give it a 4 out 0f 5

GS Reporter:Kelly

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