Dr Who meets burlesque

Drs Now I’m all for a bit of cross platform exploration but I was stunned into a moment of speechlessness (and that doesn’t happen often) when one of my new students informed me she was performing in a Dr who themed burlesque night.

Cabaret Roulette, hosted at Madame JoJo’s in Londons Soho, is a new kind of vaudevillian experience, in which eight artists representing the widest possible array of styles and disciplines are given two months to develop a new act on a single theme chosen by you, the audience.


Ava Iscariot, one of the performers at Cabaret Roulette
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A Dr Who theme was chosen and apparently tickets are selling like never before.  I’ve been told there will be at least one Weeping Angel theme and you can colour me intrigued (among other things)

The evening is on the 12th June, tickets are £12 and you can find all the details here – Cabaret Roulette: Dr Who

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