Dredd Goes Digital as New E-Novella is Released

Matt Smith, the longest serving editor for 2000AD and author of Dredd novel The Final Cut has produced an important part of Joseph Dredd’s life in an exclusive e-novella:  Judge Dredd: Year One. And the news just gets better. This is only the first in a new series of titles, all set in Dredd’s first year.

Its Mega-City One. Its 2080AD. Its Dredd’s first year as a full-eagle Judge. Without reputation and without experience, as he comes out of academy he is assigned to the murder of a Justice Department spy which leads him to investigate Mega-City’s murky underworld for the first time.

Smith joined the illustrious comic in 2000 (of course) as assistant to Andy Diggle. He became Tharg the Mighty (as all editors are known) in 2002. As well as writing some of the syndicated Judge Dredd newspaper strips, he wrote a Dredd novel, published in 2005. He’s also responsible for a Tomes of the Dead zombie novel for Abaddon Books. His writing has been likened to Tarantino (Gary Charles, Ookami.co.uk), so there’s lots to be excited about with this new e-novella.

Buy it now for £2.99 from the Rebellion Store, available as EPUB and Mobi formats.

GS Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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