#DrWhoDaniel Update 5: Video Messages From Sylvester McCoy and Ingrid Oliver

As you will all be aware, along with Bad Wilf we’ve been trying to help a very poorly Doctor Who fan have the best Christmas a fan could wish for.

Just a quick update to say a big thanks to Sylvester McCoy,Ingrid Oliver and Noel Clark who all recorded special messages for Daniel.

Daniel is currently still in a lot of pain but the gifts, video messages and visits are helping, more than you know, to help keep his spirits up and fight his illness. However more than that the visits have also been a great boost for the entire children’s ward Daniel. Best way to show this is to read what Daniel’s mum Tracey had to say about Peter Calpadi’s visit.

“It has made the whole children’s ward happy. He went round to other teens on the ward as he left, and the school room, he asked if he could say hello, the ward did not ask him. Very kind man. The other kids faces. He then came back and said…..now what about the nurses…..They went crazy. Everyone is still buzzing. It was a gift to the ward for Xmas as well as Daniel. Some parents knocked on my door last night and said thank you x
They all took photos, he was sooooo happy to do it and that Daniel brought joy to other sick kids handmade me very happy x
Staff pretended not to look at him, he noticed and said…You can have a picture if you want….the junior doctors were shocked, they are young guys, into Dr Who. One showed me his phone cover that was Dr Who and I said get him to sign it, he was happy to do anything. An amazing man x”


Before I sign off one quick request. The #DrWhoDaniel campaign has now been picked up by some of the bigger media outlets which has been great. One thing though to anyone out there who is giving Daniel’s situation a mention  or coverage please use the #drwhodaniel hastag. The main reason for this is to raise the profile of the campaign and get it to the right ears and hopefully secure some more Christmas surprises for Daniel.

Big thanks to everyone! Oh and look out for another update from Martyn over at Bad Wilf later today.

If your connected with Dr Who and want to send a gift, arrange an actor visit or video message for daniel then please get in touch.

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