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Dry_Seasons_Cover_logo_smallerWith a tagline like “Romeo and Juliet meets Mad Max” it’s hard not to be interested in Dry Seasons. It takes some familiar, but not related concepts, and thrusts them together. Dry Seasons is planned to be a four issue miniseries, that while completely telling its story, would still leave room for possible later volumes. Could it be amazing? The beauty of Kickstarter is that you get to decide just how amazing it could be.

With about a week left in the funding campaign, as I write this, Dry Seasons could use a little love. It’s about a third of the way to meeting its goal, and can use all the help it can get. The team of writer Joey Groah (the webcomic Space Corps), artist Ryan Cody (worked for Viper Comics, Image, and more), and editor Paul Allor (Orc Girl, Clockwork, and TMNT: Fugitoid) are looking to you, people of the internet, to help them make this work of passion come true.

Straight from the Kickstarter page, here’s some summary of the book:

“Ann’s family runs the town of New Joad, controlling the fertile soil.  Ann is the dutiful daughter, suffering in silence for “what’s best for the family.” In the shadow of her older brother and sister, Ann plods along, numb to life.

Paul’s family leads the town of Potes, and its usable water. Paul is the middle kid, sandwiched between two superstar siblings. He thinks the dirt farmers should choke on their dust. Give Paul a day on a boat and he forgets all about the land.

Both sides need each other to live, but decades of hate and mistrust make it almost impossible.

Then one day New Joad is attacked by raiders. In an effort to ensure their mutual survival, the two families meet. That’s when Ann and Paul fall in love.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re still on the fence, if you back this Kickstarter, you can get some pretty cool rewards. Of course, you have digital and print copies of each issue of Dry Seasons, but you can also get shirts, original art, original sketches, Skype chats with the creators talking about Joey’s time as a movie extra, and tons more. All in all, it’s some pretty cool, and diverse stuff.

So, if my ramblings about a Kickstarter I’m personally excited for have made you somewhat interested in the comic, head on over to the Kickstarter page and take a look. If you like what you see, maybe throw a few bucks behind Dry Seasons and help make it a reality.

Source: Joey Groah

Reporter: Leo Johnson

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