Dubstep + William Shatner = Musical Match Made in Heaven?

I’m not sure how much of a crossover there is between your average Trekker and fans of Dubstep music, but if you fit that niche then is this the track for you!

Blackburner are a dubstep /crossover band who’s newest album  ‘Planet Earth Attack’ features guest vocals from non other than the original Captain Kirk himself – William Shatner.

Multi-talented industrial rock/metal/dubstep crossover masterminds BLACKBURNER are set to release second album PLANET EARTH ATTACK on September 25 via Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records.
Featuring guest appearances from legendary Star Trek actor WILLIAM SHATNER and members of the prog rock back YES, PLANET EARTH ATTACK further illustrates the bold creativity Blackburner has become known for.  Crossing EDM genres of dubstep, glitch, and house with progressive rock, industrial, and noise, the 17-track collection is a journey from depths to heights and back with beats that physically resonate.  On “Apocalypse,” vocalist Jessica Jean adds an ethereal edge to the dystopian anthem, while “In Love With The City” infuses a more progressive house sound highlighted by singer Geri X.  The single “50 Grades of Space “ is the definitive example of Blackburner’s ability to aurally transport the body and mind with sonic manipulation of tempo and intensity.

More info on Blackburner can be found on their official band pages here: – http://blackburner.org/ ‘Planet Earth Attack’ is released September 25 on Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records.

Source: Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records
Reporter: Faintdreams

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