Dungeons Demo Available

For those who are not in the know, Dungeons is a strategy/simulation game which got a lot of its inspiration from the old Dungeon Keeper games. The main difference being you have to actually try to look after your heroes, to try and build up their “soul energy”, which you can then drain. It has been produced by Kalypso Media, and has is already topping the German charts. Here’s the teaser trailer for you:

Now if you want the game, then go ahead and buy it. It is due for release on 10 February and has a RRP of £34.99, however a demo version of the game has been released by Kalypso and is available to download on a TON of mirrors. Feel free to try it out, before you buy it.

There’s a ton of features in the game, including prison cells & torture chambers ready for “customers”, spells, different heroes and monster types, and little goblins that build your dungeon however you want it. I don’t suppose you can explode chickens by giving them a slap, but here’s hoping.

Here are the mirrors anyway:


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