DVD Review – Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Season 2


Aqua Teen Hunger force is a cult animated TV show, shown as part of the Adult Swim programme block and is about the unlikely mis-adventures of three superhero friends who just happen to be fast food. Now if that first statement is too much for you this probably isn’t the show for you, so move along quietly please.

Right and if you’re still with me, let me try and explain this show. This is either one you’re going to love or hate, unfortunately I think I fall into the latter, but hate maybe is too strong a word for it, I think I’m more dazed and confused by it all.


The series revolves around Master Shake a giant milkshake, Frylock a floating box of floating French Fries and lastly Meatwad a shape shifting meatball. Then there’s Carl Brutananadilewski the Teens next door neighbour whose main preoccupation seems to be porn and masturbating and who with surprising regularity gets either horribly disfigured or killed in each episode.

There’s no real structure as far as I could tell to any of the episodes that I watched, things happen and are quickly forgotten about, characters die and then appear in the next episode without explanation and episodes appear to end without any ‘plot’ lines being resolved.

The DVD has all the episodes from season 2 and includes Mail Order Bride, Universal Remonster, Super Bowl, Super Spore and Super Trivia.

Now I don’t want to be too down on this show, I think I may just be one of the people who don’t get it and I assume that if your thinking of buying Season 2 you already know what you’re going to get and nothing I say should change your mind.

If you’re looking for some funny Adult Swim DVD’s why not check out the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials which are genuinely laugh out loud funny, unfortunately Aqua Teen Hunger Force just isn’t for me.

Rating – 2/5 You can probably add another 3 if you’re a 16 year old stoner

Dry Slaps – 5 for me for being a grumpy old git whose not a 16 year old stoner


GS Reviewer Nick Roberts


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  1. Well, I’m not a 16 year old stoner, but I love it. To tell the truth, it’s one of those shows that I don’t recommend to people, simply because I don’t think it’s that accessible, but most of the things that exclude people from enjoying it are things that can be said of South Park, too, and that show’s found it’s audience.

    The thing I find funniest about the show is how much of a complete dick Master Shake is. I mean, a total ass-wad. Once you tap into that, and Meatwad’s innate sweetness – something that doesn’t come across until you can actually understand what he’s saying, which isn’t easy – the show opens up for you. Most people aren’t going to get that far!

  2. Like the previous poster I love the show. All the characters are so wacky and the subject lines are always funny. This cartoon goes after immediate affect humor (as opposed to build-up humor in something like Family guy or Robot Chicken – which are awesome too). Squidbillies is also funny in this way. In Squidbillies, Dan Hallen is a/the stand-out, funny character because he is bold and irreverent. Like the previous poster said, Master Shake is the stand out “star” in ATHF. He IS a COMPLETE asshole. But he is unbelievably funny EVERY time. Great comedian. It’s classic quick-wit humor with a moders “a-hole” twist. This show’s humor is in int’s way out ability to be witty. “Frisky Dingo” is another funny show in this genre.

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