DVD REVIEW: Casino Jack

 Kevin Spacey is the Lobbyist who has it all but is he to close to his own downfall not to notice. We take a look at Casino Jack on DVD.

“Inspired by true events that are too over-the-top for even the wildest imaginations to conjure, Casino Jack lays bare the wild excesses and escapades of Jack Abramoff. Aided by his business partner Michael Scanlon (Barry Pepper), Jack parlays his clout over some of the world’s most powerful men with the goal of creating a personal empire of wealth and influence. When the two enlist a mob-connected buddy (Jon Lovitz) to help with one of their illegal schemes, they soon find themselves in over their heads, entrenched in a world of mafia assassins, murder and a scandal that spins so out of control that it makes worldwide headlines.”

I love Kevin Spacey and think he is one of the best actors out there always giving 100% in all his roles. At first this film seems very underrated as Spacey play Jack Abramoff. A lobbyist you love to hate and half conman and half politician. We see his downfall from powerful player to someone who would do anything to get what his clients want. Barry Pepper plays his right hand man Scanlon who is cocky and sure fire but also slightly reckless. The two make a perfect team bouncing off each other as they scheme and plan but at the same time investing in their personal life with Abramoff trying to build for his wife (Kelly Preston) and his two girls. Jon Lovitz plays a lazy businessman who is manipulated by Abramoff and Scanlon in order for them to deliver results.

The writing is sharp but not witty and the acting is a by the numbers affair with Spacey on fine form but Pepper seeming to be trying too hard and Lovitz just seems wrong. Do not let that detract from the rest of the film which slowly unravels the plot as we see the worst outcome coming closer and closer.

The directing is competent with some good use of camera work including black and white handheld usage and we get a great insight into how a lobbyist goes about his business.

Overall a decent film that just seems to miss the mark but still delivers the requirement for a good night in watching a master actor at work.

Starring: Kelly Preston, Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Rachelle Lefevre, Jon Lovitz, Yannick Bisson, Eric Schweig, Maury Chaykin, Christian Campbell, Spencer Garrett
Director: George Hickenlooper
Run time DVD: 1 hr 48 mins
Blu-ray: 1 hr 48 mins
Certificate 15

GS Rating: 3.5/5

GS Reporter: Montoya

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