DVD Review – Cradle Will Fall


On a secluded family farm, the wife of a long distance lorry driver suffers a psychotic breakdown as a result of postpartum,or post natal, depression and her ten year old son is forced to protect his three younger siblings from the mother they usually rely on.

Normally I’d start with a link to the trailer, but if you haven’t seen it already then don’t as its one of those ones that shows you WAY too much of the story, so give that a swerve if you plan on checking this film out.

This movie isn’t your standard fun night out,rollercoaster ride horror movie. This is some intense, disturbing shit. After 20 minutes, by which time the father leaves on another run and the children are left alone with their broken glass parent, they’ve done a good, concise job of setting up all the characters and have already given you a slight feeling of dread. You feel the mother starting to slip and are nervous for the son who can see what is happening but is ignored.

By thirty minutes you may do what I did and look at your watch. Not to ask “When is this over” but to say “Hell, I thought what just happened would have been at the END of the film. Where are they going to go with this now?”
It really does all kick off DAMN quickly and once the mother, played disturbingly well by Colleen Porch, goes off the deep end it doesnt let up. Its also a lot darker than I was expecting and was surprised how far they go with the violence considering it is mainly directed towards children.
The children themselves are also all surprisingly good… to the point where I actually wanted them to survive which is weird because normally I can watch ANY film with children and am usually hoping someone starts shooting them within half an hour. There are a few moments where you think that either they are VERY good actors or the lead actress was given permission to just terrorise them for five minutes.

Not to say this movie is perfect. It has a very brief running time of 70 minutes and personally I would have appreciated another 10 at the start to give her insanity a bit more of a slow burn than a snap even if they do a great job of getting you inside her head and showing you the claustrophobia of her situation. Also there is a scene where the children are hiding in a corn field and she comes after them with a combine harvester which does temporarily push the movie into sillier territory. But in fairness within 5 minutes of this it did get right back on track and gave me another of those “Can they DO that?” moments.

If you are looking for the type of horror film where perfect teenagers get naked then get killed in order of attractiveness, then you probably won’t enjoy this. If you want to see what it would be like if Wes Craven made a movie for the Living Channel, then I’d definately say you should check this out.

I would write more but I’m off to see if the wife would like a cup of tea and if there is anything I can do for her to keep her nice and happy and CALM.

Women are scary.

Stars out of 5 – 4
Dry Slaps – 1… for putting that fucking Wurzels song in my head

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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