DVD REVIEW: Extraction

54  Thomas Jacobs is a brilliant engineer who invents a device that enables him to enter the mind of a patient and observe them in their memories. Having run out of funds to complete the project, he reluctantly partners with the Justice Department who plans to use it to see criminals enact their crimes, BUT, during the first test on a convict, Tom gets trapped, leaving behind a pregnant wife and his unconscious baby.For four years Tom is stuck in the criminal’s mind until he discovers a glitch in the system. It soon becomes a race for survival as Tom is forced to work with the reluctant criminal to find a way out.

Extraction is, genuinely, a beautiful little sleeper. The best way I can describe is it a low-budget cross of Inception & Strange Days, although to be fair, describing it as low-budget is very unfair, as it implies the film is cheap in quality, which it most certainly isn’t. The story is very well written, and all the leads, and the supports put in strong believable performances. And the production quality isn’t certainly at the level of any decent TV mini-series, so to repeat, the term ‘low budget’ doesn’t do it justice.

Tom Jacobs develops a machine for entering the memories & dreams of others, but on its maiden test, Tom falls into a coma, and his conscienceless becomes trapped via the machine, in the subconscious mind of the first subject, Anthony, a low-key druggie accused and sentenced of killing his girlfriend. After a period of 4 years, Tom manages to break out of Anthony’s dream world, and is able to communicate with Anthony consciously. Through Anthony, he gains an insight into the 4 years that have passed, including the fact he now has a daughter, and he offers Anthony a shot at redemption – contact Tom’s wife and convince her to orchestrate a repeat of that first trial of the machine in order to bring Tom out of his coma.

Tom’s wife manages to get Anthony temporary access from prison to rescue her husband, but then Anthony does the unthinkable and makes a break for it. In his mind he barters with Tom: despite Tom seeing memories of Anthony killing his girlfriend, Anthony is convinced that despite all the bad he has done in the world, he is innocent of this crime. His bargaining chip: Tom must search through all his memories & dreams for any shred of proof of innocence for Anthony, and Anthony will return to the machine inside of three hours, otherwise the authorities will realise that he has escaped, and risk being shot as an escaped killer, taking Tom with him.

As I stated, this really is a little gem – a great story wrapped by some great performances, notable Tom, Anthony, Tom’s wife and Anthony’s father, but the whole cast put in an above-par effort. The direction is spot-on: as you can imagine there are plenty of flash-backs, but the story never loses its cohesion. A thoroughly under-rated film that deserves to do well in the home market…

GS Rating: 4/5

Source: Signature Entertainment
Reporter: SilverFox

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