DVD Review – Largo Winch: Deadly Revenge

I’ve just finished watching Largo Winch: Deadly Revenge and before the credits had stopped rolling I was already halfway up the stairs because I remembered that I still have a Largo Winch graphic novel that I picked up at the Bristol Comic Con which I’ve yet to read and this film has given me the kick up the rear to do just that. If that doesn’t give you a hint as to what I thought about the film let me make it a little clearer for you…I loved this film.

I seem to be watching a lot of adaptations recently with varying results. Largo Winch is, I’m pleased to say, one of those adaptation that gets the balance right. The plot of the film sticks closely to the graphic novel but gives itself enough breathing room to make some stylistic changes to the story and characters which fit the tone and pace of the film. It would have been easy for the filmakers to ditch a lot of business double-dealing , back stabbing and board room politics from the comic in favour of a simpler plot crammed with more action scene but they wisely follow the same line as comic.

At first glance I wasn’t sure about the casting of Tomer Sisley as Largo but by the end of the film I couldn’t think of anyone else playing the character. He brings the right air of arrogance and likability to the role and you really root him as he spends most of this film as the underdog. The film also give you some great insights, which are straight out of the comic, into this pat and especially his relationship with his adopted father.

I got to give  a mention to the camera crew and director as the film is stunningly shot in parts and gives the viewer a real feel that they are on a globe trotting adventure. One of the clever touches is that Largo speaks a few different languages in the film so you sen him and several of the main characters switch between french and english as the situation demands(though it is mainly french), it helps to give the film a more international flavour. I don’t know if there is an entirely dubbed english version but personally I would recommend people not go for that option.

The action and fight scenes are handled well  and with a rawness that reminded me of the Borne and the recent Bond films. I was, however, grateful that the filmmakers had not been seduced by the quick cutting style of  fight scenes that Hollywood seems obsessed with at the moment. In fact there is a one on one fight scene near the films climax that is not only a visual treat (atop a penthouse with some stunning sweeping shots) but also, for a change, I actually get to see the punches land without the camera cutting to about ten different angles in as many seconds (Hollywood take note).

There are a number of books in the Largo Winch series so I hope this is not the last we’ll see of Mr Winch on the big or small screen. Sure there were some stuff from the graphic novel that didn’t make it into the film but at the end of the day I had a lot of fun watching this film so I can overlook stuff like that as the film adaptation is a different beast.

If you’re a fan of the Largo Winch comics then this is a must watch and if your fan of action films in general, with a decent plot and a likeable hero then definitely give LargoWinch -Deadly Revenge a watch.

GS Reviewer: Nuge

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