DVD REVIEW: Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy

So what do you do when you inherit a multi-billion dollar company from your estranged father? You sell it of course! Well you do if your name is Largo Winch anyway.

The sequel to Largo Winch Deadly Revenge, based on the bestselling  European comic, sees our sassy CEO of the W group planing to sell off the company and donating  the proceeds of the sale to humanitarian efforts.

Largo is warned that the venture will upset the balance of things and bring the wrath of his enemies down upon him. Anyone who’s seen the first film or read the comics knows that Largo isn’t one to take the threats lying down and proceeds with the sale quoting that ‘A man without enemies is no man at all’.

True to form his enemies move against him, both in the boardroom and out of it, leaving our young billionaire on the run from a corrupt Burmese general, a band of ruthless mercenaries and a shady businessman intent on owning the W group at any cost. Oh and there’s Sharon Stone (yep that Sharon Stone) as I dogged prosecutor who is all set to bring Largo up on war crime charges on an act she claims was bought and paid for by Largo late father Nerio.

If you’ve watched the first Largo Winch film then The Burma Conspiracy holds no real surprises.There seemed to be less action this time around although when it does come, it’s worth the wait. There’s one hell of a car chase in the opening of the film and a spectacular skydiving fight at the climax of film, not to mention some brutal fist fights in between.  Tomas Sisley, playing Largo for the second time has cemented himself in my mind as Largo and I would be hard pushed to see anyone else in the role if they did a third film.

Sisley did a lot of his own stunts in the film it adds even more to the character as Largo is never one to shy away from the action in the comics. Although Tomei doesn’t really resemble Largo as drawn in the comics he has style, swagger and kick ass moves when required that I’ve come to expect from Van Hamme’s character. The DVD I was sent did not come with any extras, except the trailer, but some production videos, particularly on the task of adapting the film from the comics would have been a welcome addition.

One of the great things about the comic series is the mix of back room business dealings and action, with each given equal billing and this template is carried into the film. I think the film deals with the business side of things a little more simply than the comics but it still works well for the most part.

There’s a lot to like about the Burma Conspiracy but most of this comes from the films’ lead Tomas Sisley as Winch. Sharon Stone trying to sass it up as a UN prosecutor charged with bringing Largo to justice for war crimes feels a little like stunt casting and she just seems out of place. The bad guys are pretty two dimensional and not much substance to any of them, save the chief mastermind

The plot  is ok with a couple of nice twists but seems to wrap everything up a little too neatly  for me and when the mastermind behind Largo’s latest woes is reveals it doesn’t  really come as much of a shock.

Overall, this sequel is a weaker effort than the first film which had better story, action and characters. There was something fresh about the first Largo Winch film compared to a lot of other action films where as the sequel felt much more like them, which is a shame.

Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy may not set the world alight and be pretty forgettable once you’ve seen it but it’s an entertaining thriller with some fantastic action sequences which make it an enjoyable watch.

Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy is out now for £15.99

GS Rating: 3/5

GS Reviewer: Nuge

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  1. Damo /

    The Largo Winch stories..These are a fantastic couple of films.. Very Jason Bournesque style of flow to the story line..

    I love the fact the y are multi-cultural and think Tomer Sisley has taken the role very well..
    Can’t wait for this to be released as a 2 film package currently only available in different DVD Region..

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