DVD REVIEW: Leverage Season 3

Geek Syndicate checks out the latest boxset of the hit US show about a con team that helps people in the most amazing and cool ways.

When I first heard about Leverage I thought it sounded just like a American Hustle but I was wrong. This is its own beast and really good one at that. From the mind of Dean Devlin (Independence Day). The set up is simple, Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) recruits a team to help him help those who need it. Like a modern day Robin Hood but better. The team consist of con woman Sophie Devereaux  played by the sexy Gina Bellman who really shines in this role and enjoys playing a host of different characters. Alec Hardison is the Tech guy who knows his stuff and also is a cool geek as well. Aldis Hodge gives a convincing performance in the role that some say this how a real geek should be portrayed. Parker is the master thief that Beth Riesgraf brings to life with a child like innocence  which, at times, is just so touching. Rounding out the team is Christian Kane as the muscle Eliot Spencer.

The show does not take itself too seriously but never lets you down in the drama or action department. It is a fun ride and the story’s are cool and full of twists.

The season starts with the leader Nat in jail after being arrested at the end of season two and it is down to the team to help him escape with the aid of a mysterious Italian woman. Leverage prides itself on stand alone stories but this season saw a change with a set up that the team need to stop a arms dealer called Moreau in six months or Nate will go back to jail.

The 16 episodes are full of surprises and there are some better episodes than others. The Scheherazade Job has Hardison pretending to be a master violinist, The Studio Job has the team involved in Country music, The Three-Card Monte Job which has Nate’s father making an unwelcomed appearance and one of my favourites of the season was The Rashomon Job which was just hilarious as the team all recount their views of how a particular job was carried out.

As the season draws to a close the episodes start to focus on their deal to get Moreau and the stakes are raised with some very real threats coming from both outside and inside the team as loyalties are tested.

Overall this was a strong season and showcases what Leverage does best which is telling great fun stories with a great cast.

Special features: Writer & Director Audio Commentaries

GS Rating: 4.5/5

GS Reviewer: Christophe

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