5505807001_2PA_jpgHRLiam Neeson’s retired CIA agent from ‘Taken’ returns to find that he is now that target, and must rely on his daughter to help him & his wife escape.
Taken 2 is the sequel to the hit film Taken (2008), in which retired CIA agent has to find his kidnapped daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace from Lost) in what is acknowledged to be the allotted 96 hours before the trail goes cold. She is ‘taken’ whilst on a girls’ trip to Paris, and passed through the white slave trade chain, and Neeson goes on a rampage across Europe using his agency skills & connections to track her down and bring her home safely. The film was brilliant and a hit, and it was with some fear that I read about the sequel. Where would they take the storyline? What could they do that wouldn’t make it look like a re-hash of the original?

The storyline picks up from the original, whereby Neeson’s character had tortured & killed quite a few East European slave traders in order to find Kim; the Albanian family of these thugs decide that he must be held accountable for his ‘crimes’, and led by East European standard-bearer stalwart Rade Serbedzija, embark on a plan to kidnap Neeson and return him to Albania for retribution. This takes place in Istanbul, where Neeson has assembled a family trip with hs daughter and (possible reconciliation with) his ex-wife (Famke Janssen). This twist in the plot is that whilst Neeson & Janssen are initially kidnapped, it is down to daughter Kim, via cellphone guidance by Dad, to orchestrate the rescue.

Plot established, there are a couple of very good set pieces: Kim being guided by her father across the rooftops of Istanbul listening to explosions to gauge distances, and great car-chase through the tight streets en-route to the US embassy (if you liked Istanbul in SkyFall, you won’t be disappointed here). Occasionally credibility falls down (as it always does in this kind of film), in order to keep the pace going, but it is all actually quite enjoyable, and the leads all put in competent performances. The only thing I really couldn’t get my head around was that Kim is sitting her driving test in this film, but Dad let her go to Paris on holiday unaccompanied in the first film… how does that work?!?

To paraphrase a recent photo-shop picture on FaceBook: “This man has trained Batman, mentored Jedi Knights, ruled Mount Olympus and led the A-Team… why would you mess with his family?” Definitely worth a night in…

Source: Taken 2

GS Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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