DVD Review: The Expendables

On Monday 13th December “The Expendables” hits stores on DVD and Bluray. and we were lucky enough to get a copy of the DVD to review. now i’m not going to review the Movie as that has already been done to death a few months back when the Movie was in the cinema.

Here is a excerpt from our review

If you go to watch The Expendables with a The Guardian or New York Times film critic mind set then you’re wasting your time. This is plain and simply a fun, old school, kick ass, corny one liner’s, and high octane action film. Yeah this could have been a whole lot better and with that cast of action legends it could have been…well…legendary, but I left the cinema with a smile on my face feeling fully entertained. Job done!

The Expendables – 7/10

What i will do is tell you about all the juicy extra you get on the DVD

Deleted Scenes

Bit of a let down really! as there is only one deleted scene. i find it hard to believe that a this movie had only one scene to hit the cutting room floor.

The one scene is from the start of the film on the pirate controlled boat, Dolph Lundgren tells rubbish joke with incredibly poor comedic timing before he shoots the pirate in two.

it was obviusly cut because it comes across and stupid and would of turned most people off the movie from the start.

Gag Reel

This is your standard gag reel with the added bonus of a load of action stars that can barely speak any kind of understandable English screwing up some of the simplistic lines ever written in a movie! it’s worth a watch for Bruce Willis constantly not being able to say a single word correctly.

Before the Battle – The Making of The Expendables

a 23 minute documentary about the production of the film, truly there is nothing of worth in this really short feature. I’ve seen other making of’s from other films and they were a lot more indepth and entertaining. but if you are a fan of the actors in the film then give it a watch.

Audio Commentary with Sylvester Stallone

Exactly what it says on the tin, Sly Stallone talking to himself for 1 hr and 40 mins. He goes into detail about how he came up with the concept and tells a few stories from the set. didn’t really add much to the film for me, it could of done with a few of the other guys adding to the conversation and it might of improved it massivly.


what can i say? if you like the film then get the DVD, but I can’t see you checking out the special features more then once. To be honest the Bluray is only £5 more and comes with a load more features including feature length documentary’s.

Final Score 2 out of 5 – Get the Bluray instead

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