DVD Review – The Mechanic

Statham is Arthur Bishop aka The Mechanic an elite agency assassin with a unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets with deadly skill and total emotional detachment. The only real relationship in his life is with his mentor and good friend Harry McKenna (Sutherland).

When the agency forces Bishop to kill Harry following rumours of a leak within the team, The Mechanic sets out on a self-imposed assignment to take down those really responsible and avenge his mentor’s death. It’s not long before Harry’s son Steve (Foster) emerges with the same vengeful goal and determination to learn Bishop’s trade and soon a deadly partnership is born. However, while in pursuit of their ultimate mark, deceptions threaten to surface and those hired to fix problems become the targets themselves.

Credit: Momentum Pictures
Release date: 6 June 2011 
Genre: Action
Formats: DVD & BD
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 1 hour 28 mins
Price: £15.99 DVD / £19.99 BD SRP
Website: www.themechanicmovie.co.uk

I had no idea until after I had watched the Mechanic that this was based on a Micheal Winner Film from the 70’s starring Charles Bronson.  Don’t worry about watching the original before seeing the remake as the plot is something any action fan will have seen countless times before. The well-worn plot isn’t always bad as sometimes it’s nice, after a crappy day at work, to stick on something which is just going to have loud explosions and Jason Statham kicking bad guys through windows.

The film opens with a cracking start that is so slick no other sequence quite tops it. There’s no real  hardcore action in the scene but it’s brilliantly executed and sets up just how good Arthur  Bishop ( Statham) is at his craft.  After a great opening scene the film slows down with lots of scene setting of how lonely the Mechanic’s profession is  (cue scenes of a high-class hooker who is as close to a romantic relationship as Bishop wants to have) and to be honest I got a little bored during these sequences. Things pick up once more when Bishop takes Steve Mckenna (Foster) the son of his mentor under his wing.

The Mechanic contains some great set pieces and to say there’s some brutal and bloody takedowns is an understatement. This film is not for the faint of heart.

Statham as the stoic killer Bishop is at home in this role and I found myself being reminded of the Transporter films, minus the suit.

Although  I  felt the pacing was a little off in the first half of the film I didn’t hate these quieter moments I just found myself counting the minutes until the film went into full on ‘Statham mode’.  The mode is fully switched once things start to go wrong for Bishop and this is where the film really came to life for me.  It’s here we get the lion share of the great action sequences I come to expect from a Statham film, which include a grisly reminder of the dangers of playing in oncoming traffic (If you’ve seen the R-rated trailer you’ll know what I mean).

Both Foster and Statham work well together as the mentor and student but given some of the moves Foster pulls off later in the film I did find it hard to believe he got that proficient that quickly. It would have been nice to have seen a couple more training sequences. Still with a film like this you pretty much leave logic at the door, take a seat and wait for the bullets to start flying.

Overall the Mechanic is a fun action film and worth a rent but is quickly forgotten once the credits start rolling.

GS Rating: 2.5/5

GS Reviewer:  Nuge

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. me and Kelly watched it yesterday and it was just like every other Jason Statham movie…. Exciting whilst you are watching and then just the same as all the others after you’ve finished!

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