DVD REVIEW: The Bigfoot Tapes

91F2n5sGWuL__SL1500_Two new DVD releases from Signature Entertainment have arrived! First up is The Bigfoot Tapes – a found footage film chronicling a documentary filmmaker and his crew venture up to Siskiyou County, an area renown for their Bigfoot sightings.

Whilst investigating the alleged sightings, they meet a local who leads them into the woods to show them evidence to these sightings. As they record everything on tape, a sequence of events leaves them stranded alone in the dark being tracked by something or someone, which may or not answer the questions behind their quest.

This is a film of two parts. The first three-quarters or so are a found footage account, introducing us to the characters and the lore behind their investigation. Following a 101 exercise in ineptitude, they find themselves alone in the dark with no equipment or communication, food or water at the mercy of their nemesis – standard fodder for this type of flick.

The last quarter probably qualifies itself as a “twist”: I found it unnecessarily brutal, coarse to be perfectly honest crass, and as the credits role, I defy you not to mouth “what the…” in silence, as you turn it off and look for someone to sue for the 90 minutes you just lost. The Bigfoot Tapes is actually a nasty little film… (GS Rating 1/5)

It is my sworn duty to be balanced in my reviews and find some positives where I can – recommend this DVD as an excellent drink coaster.

Rating: 1/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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