DVD REVIEW: Quatermass and the Pit

The Professor is back in high definition as he faces his most evil challenge yet.

Hobbs End, Knightsbridge, London. Whilst working on a new subway tunnel for the London Underground a group of construction workers uncover a strangely shaped skull amongst the rubble. Nearby is another discovery: a large, mysterious and impenetrable metal object. Initially mistaken for an unexploded bomb the origins of the object and its strange power are far more horrific and terrifying than anybody could have possibly imagined. Is it of this earth? Could it be the ancestral link to mankind’s evolution? Or could it be an ancient link to unleashing ultimate evil? There’s only one man capable of unravelling the clues, his name is Professor Bernard Quatermass, a man of science who thrives on the dark mysteries of the world, a man with answers.

I remember as a child watching the original BBC mini series for this on TV and was pretty scared. This is however the first time I have watched the Hammer remake which was released as a film in 1967.

The plot finds Professor Quatermass brought in to investigate a “bomb” that has been found unexploded during an excavation in the London Underground during the late sixties. During the excavation a very old human like remains are found that adds to the mystery. At this point the military are brought in and take charge with some disastrous consequences.

From here the story gets really interesting with theories about the “bomb” being a creation of the devil or a Martian spaceship. People start to see visions of strange creatures and violence spreads across the streets of London.

Quatermass and his team rush to discover the truth behind what lies in the pit before it is too late.

Written by Nigel Kneale who wrote all the Quatermass shows/films and many other sci fi classics. The quality of the film looks great and the plot keep at a steady pace. The cast all seem on fine form with Andrew Keir taking over the role of Quatermass and Barbara Shelly, James Donald and Julian Glover filling out the rest of the key cast.

Overall this is a great piece of sci fi horror nostalgia that would be fitting to include in your classic sci fi collection.



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GS Rating: 4/5

SOURCE: Double Play

GS Reporter: Montoya


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