Dystopian Thriller ‘Division 19’ Casts Neve Campbell

342px-936full-neve-campbellScream star Neve Campbell has signed up for a Kickstarter-funded science fiction film called District 19. She joins Jamie Draven (Billy Elliot) and Clarke Peters (The Wire). The IMDB also suggests that Dougray Scott is attached. The movie is set in a future where crime is out of control and jails are overflowing.

According to the Kickstarter website, ‘Central Control have brought in a data-warehousing specialist who has turned the jails into online portals allowing citizens to monitor felons and vote on what they eat, wear, read, watch and when they fight’.  Our main protagonist is the popular Hardin Jones, who can sell anything. Of course, he escapes and tries to go underground. However, when his brother, Nash, becomes the centre of attention, Hardin must step up.

Writer/director Suzie Halewood, known for crime drama Bigga Than Ben (2008), writes about the drivers of her production – which got underway in Detroit this week – on the Kickstarter website. She talks about ‘RFID tags, mobile phone triangulation, credit cards, internet cookies, consumer patterns, gait recognition and keystroke programmes’ and the erosion of civil liberties. With all that in mind, expect the world she creates for District 19 to be bleak at best.

Diane Kasperowicz and David Mutch are executive producing. You can bid on Kickstarter until Friday 16 August, when you can get a variety of goodies and even a walk on part. Check out the trailer too: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sah/division-19

Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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