E3 2013: Gameplay of the Newly Dubbed ‘Final Fantasy XV’

FinalFantasyXV_zps07341eedFinal Fantasy Versus XIII has been waiting for a long time to see the light. Since the first footage of the game was released, Final Fantasy XIII and XIV have already been released. In fact, Final Fantasy XIII has already had a few sequels, and Final Fantasy XIV had been re-tweaked, and re-released. Still, Versus XIII was no closer to coming to consoles.

E3 brought us many surprises. Among them was Versus XIII, reborn as Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV looks to be the most action-oriented title in series history. Our heroes are Noctis (the lead), Gladiolus (the big bruiser), and Prompto (seemingly the light-hearted comic relief). In an earlier trailer, there was also a character named Ignis. Ignis is absent from the new trailer. The game may also have some water-based gameplay, and even some stealth elements, only judging by what’s been shown.

Here is an older trailer, when we knew the game as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Reporter: VichusSmith
Source: Square-Enix

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