E3 2013: Sony Teaches you How to Share PlayStation 4 Games!

playstation-4-controllerIn order to eliminate any confusion about what permission consumers have concerning the sharing or trading of PlayStation 4 games, they have created an instructional video that will come in handy. If the concept is to hard to understand, you can, of course, play the video as much as is necessary.

Reporter: VichusSmith

Source: Sony

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  1. As amusing as I found the video – there’s no real difference between the licence transfer and handing your game disc to a mate. You can’t play either once you’ve done so. It’s up to the publishers to charge or not but it’s been stated that there’s no charge for lending to people who’ve been on your friends list for 30 days… If you want to play a PS game online, you’ll probably need to pay for the online pass from the publisher.

    While I think MS have dropped the ball with the XBOX One in places … it’s not here!

    • What online pass? EA dropped that online pass stuff recently. It proved to be very unpopular.

      Also, all of these rules! The next gen has these restrictions. You have to count days and count friends. There had to be a better way to protect the Xbox from piracy.

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