E3 2015: Dark Souls 3

It’s time to die again.


 Dark Souls III is a game that only a Dark Souls fan could love. I know there are people who have an easy time of the Souls Games. There are videos of people beating the game with  Guitar Hero controllers and whatnot, and speed running through the whole story in under an hour. I think the majority, like me, found the Souls games to be punishing. The games are good, I will say, but after playing Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, I needed a rest from them; I have not played Dark Souls II yet. I do not shy away from the challenge, though, so I will eventually play every Souls game. Oh, and Bloodborne. I’ll play that too. Back to Dark Souls III: if you are a sadist, if you have such patience and composure that you are not susceptible to table flips or controller tosses, then you may want to play Dark Souls III. This is considered the last of the Souls games, and it comes out in 2016. So you have some time to get flattened and stabbed and beaten in the previous action RPGs in the series.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: EGM

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