E3 2015: Halo 5 Trailer

Maybe gameplay’s not so necesary for the diehard fans of Halo at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to see Halo 5: Guardians strut its stuff.

So now we know a little bit about the titular Guardians and they look like no joke! I wonder how the die-hards feel about the new gameplay as Halo has become a squad-based affair, by all appearances. I imagine that you will get to play the classic one man army style of play when the game switches over to Master Chief’s point of view.

But speaking of the Chief, why are Spartans hunting him? It feels like they’re just going to team up eventually, but why does Master Chief have to be on the run? He either has information or some sort of physical item that have the Guardians all hot and bothered is what I’m guessing.

You know where you’ll find Halo 5: Guardians come October. It’s an Xbox exclusive, and only on Xbox One.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith
Source: Gamespot

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