E3 2015: Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer

We’ve got sequels and Prequels coming out of E3, but what about something new? Are you ready? Are you ready to fight techno beasts in the post apocalypse as cavewoman armed with a bow? If you are, then Horizon Zero Dawn will be your game next year.



So humans have screwed up the earth- again! Hey, at least some humans survived, but these techno-organic creatures have a much greater advantage. Hey, these neo cavepeople figured some neat tricks out, though. My favorite moment was when our protagonist uses this special crossbow to shoot ropes, tying down a creature many times larger and formidable than her. All along, this game looks absolutely fabulous. The amount of detail in the creatures, the scope of the landscape, the depth of gameplay- this could be a great game. Horizon: Zero Dawn comes from the same developers as Killzone, a game that isn’t as praised as some other shooters, but is respected nonetheless.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has no release date, other than 2016. So far, it looks like Horizon will be a PS4 exclusive.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: PlayStation


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