E3 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Extended Trailer

For those dying to know more about Hideo Kojima’s last (?) Metal Gear Solid game, this is our best look at The Phantom Pain yet. I will warn you that these scenes are quite graphic, bloody, and…oozy.

It looks like every character is either scared, in pain, disfigured, dying or dead. The Big Boss days sure were serious. There are a lot more reveals in this trailer. We learn some vague information about the villain’s big plan, where he’s talking about the use of words as a weapon to control people. We see a few more villains, including someone on fire, and some techno zombies, from the look of it. I think that the biggest reveal of all is the titular Metal Gear, which looks like an earlier version of the one from Metal Gear Solid. Piloting it is Eli, who shows up later with his “brother” who can only be the future Solid Snake. These are “Les Enfants Terrible” the cloning project that cloned Big Boss to create an army. The best of these clones are Solid and Liquid Snake- Eli and David. This may be the end of MGS as we’ve known it, but it looks like Kojima is going out in fine fashion.

Metal Gear Solid V; The Phantom Pain will be available on the first of  September worldwide. It will be available on previous and current generation consoles, the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and Ps4. It will also be on PC, but a couple weeks after the console versions

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: IGN

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