E3 2015: Star Fox Zero

Will there ever be an actual barrel roll in a Star Fox game? Maybe it’ll happen in Star Fox Zero. Star Fox Zero is not a visually remarkable game, but Nintendo isn’t so concerned with that as much as Sony and Microsoft. What Nintendo does like to do is bring new gameplay hooks to their staple titles. So this time, Fox McCloud is not leaving his cockpit like he did in Starfox Adventures; but that doesn’t mean he only fights in space, or in the air. The ship will transform in to many modes, depending on the situation.


It also makes good use of the Wii U controller, which will allow you to see the game in third and first person. Hey, the game’s coming out later this year! Wii U players, please tell us how you like the game when you receive it as a present.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: The Escapist

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