E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

The Force is strong in this one.



For those who were big fans of the original Battlefront Games and were scared that EA was going to mess it all up, I think that the new Battlefront looks exciting. EA knows how to rope you in, giving you the Hoth battle as the stage to show gameplay. I assume that this is only for the purposes of the footage, but the focus switches at time from troops on the ground, to the AT-ST walkers, to air units, and back to the ground. I’ve never played a Battlefront game, so I don’t know what I should expect from the series. If you can switch between units, that makes sense, since DICE, who created Star Wars Battlefront, also created the Battlefield series. I remember playing Battlefield 2142, which used the ability to jump between units on the field as a gameplay element.

If you really enjoyed the previous Battlefront games, feel free to tell me if this trailer works for you or not. To me, it looks like the game has not gone to the dark side, like people weary of Electronic Arts had feared. The real test will come in November, when we all have an opportunity to play it.


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Source: Suvudu

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