E3 2015: Tacoma Trailer

Have you played Gone Home? Gone Home was a critically favored indie game which favored exploration, story, and character development over gameplay. So the next step for The Fullbright Company is a game that may be more “gamey” than its first title. Again, they have gone with a female lead, but they are telling a story about a future space station in Tacoma.


There’s not much more known about Tacoma outside of the trailer. This story is familiar, though. A seeming sole survivor on a space station (forgive me my alliteration) has only an artificial intelligence as a guide. Is the AI friendly or malevolent? What will this lone survivor learn? This is the sci-fi that we are familiar with, and I hope that Fullbright can tell a story that’s worth playing.

Tacoma is a timed exclusive on Xbox One, and it will also come to PC.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: EGM

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