E3 2015: Wayward Sky Trailer

When your father is kidnapped by a malevolent robot, what will you do about it? I guess you could look and click.

I don’t think a chicken is very reliable as a means of flight, but I also don’t live in a world where evil robots are snatching up family members, so I guess anything can happen in Wayward Sky. Bess is our young hero. You control Bess by first looking in a direction with the Morpheus VR headset to send her there, then use your controller to click the action button. There are a handful of VR devices that will be coming to market soon, but will people enjoy PlayStation’s Morpheus headset? Remember when Xbox and Microsoft were doing movement games? they don’t seem to be into developing games for that hardware anymore. Fingers crossed for Morpheus and for Wayward Sky’s success.



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Source: Giant Bomb

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