E3 2017: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Coming August 2017

The multi-award winning episodic adventure game Life is Strange launched in early 2015, rapidly becoming a hit with fans of that style of game. It’s prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm has just been announced as part of the Xbox E3 briefing, and is set to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 31st August 2017. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is being developed by Deck Nine Games, a different developer to the original game’s DONTNOD Entertainment, who are ALSO developing a new season of the game. Life is Good!

As far as Life is Strange: Before the Storm, it is still set in Arcadia Bay, but three years before the curious events of the first game. It centers around Chloe Price and her burgeoning new friendship with popular girl Rachel Amber. Rachel’s family apparently have a secret that, when it comes out, will only serve to test this new friendship. Chloe will not have any strange powers to call on however, unless you count her sharp tongue and quick wits.

I know it’s in your head so I will say it. “Where is Max?”

The game takes place during the period where Max left Chloe, the very fact that Max left helping bring about the circumstances that Chloe now finds herself in. Chloe will reference Max a great deal however, so it won’t be as if Max is totally out of things. There will however, be a bonus self-contained episode included with the deluxe edition of the game called “Farewell” in which the player can play as Max one last time. There will be three episodes of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and “Farewell” will release as a bonus after episode three.

I was late getting into Life is Strange but I’m glad I did as it became one of the games that has stayed with me the longest after completing. Max’s time-bending abilities and urge to try to put things right causes some truly heart-wrenching moments, and, like any good game in which your decisions have consequences on your own version of the story, the final one had me walking away from my PC to make a cup of tea, just to mull things over. If you have yet to try Life is Strange and you enjoy dialogue-led adventure games, check it out. The first episode is even free on all platforms! I find myself genuinely looking forward to Life is Strange: Before the Storm, roll on August!

Check out the Life is Strange: Before the Storm reveal trailer below:

Source: Square Enix
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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  1. Jim /

    Currently playing Life is Strange on PS4 as the full game was this months free d/l for PSPlus members.
    Anyone who likes the telltale games will love LIS, as do I . About to start episode 3, and this news has
    Made my day.

    • Wow, LiS for free as part of PSPlus is a great deal at the moment :). I bought it for PC when it was about five pounds, best fiver I’ve spent in ages.

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