E3 2013: Trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I seriously need to stop looking for more E3 trailers as my urge to pre-order is growing harder to contain than the hulk’s rage in this latest trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Seriously glad they made the choice to start adding voices to these lego games as the voice work from Wolverine, Thor, Loki and Captain America  nailed this trailer for me.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Gamespot

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  1. jms1701 /

    Ah man that’ll be another game that’ll have to be bought…..Gotta admit I’ve enjoyed just about every Lego game that’s come out in the last few years (only missed out on getting the LOTR one as just never got around to buying it yet) – this one doesn’t look like the formats getting tired at all.

    • Seriously one of my gaming highlights was hearing the superman theme play when you first flew as supes in Lego DC heroes…just epic. I’ve got LOTR but haven’t played it yet.

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