EA Puts Bounty on Booth Babe Booty!!

The Damning Document

The Damning Document

Darkblade, the awesome, lovely and deadly moderator of the Manga and Anime board from the Comic Book Resources Forums pointed this out to me.

From Ars Technica

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a booth babe, especially not at a show like Comic Con. You’re being pawed at by huge amounts of sweaty geeks, you have to smile and be pleasant to people who may or may not have showered… it always seems like a hellish existence. What doesn’t help? Having your employer offer a bounty if people sexually harass you.

At Comic Con, if you commit “an act of lust” with an EA booth babe and take a picture, you could win dinner with said babes, as well as a great big pile of prizes related to the upcoming Dante’s Inferno. That’s right, the babes won’t just get the standard behavior and awkward advances—if someone is really obnoxious, they get rewarded for it, and then you get to see them again socially!

Kotaku confirms it.

Electronic Arts is asking Comic-Con goers to “sin to win” a dinner and “sinful night with two hot girls, a limo service, paparazzi and a chest full of booty.”

To enter the contest, conventioneers need to “commit acts of lust” by taking photos with the models working the Dante’s Inferno booth or any other booth babes at the show. Those photos then need to be uploaded to Twitter, Facebook or emailed to Electronic Arts.

Seriously EA….are you that f*!king stupid? Booth babes have enough problems as it is with the fat, desperate, smelly unwashed. Now you pull this crap? Gamers have enough problems on their plate as well

Seriously, if any EA employee is reading this, your ass is on the spit my friends. There is one way to save it. All you have to do is point out the mental midget who thought this was a brilliant f*!king idea and walk away. We’ll forget you even did that and that you work for EA while a new asshole is torn on him (or her). If you stand in the way…well your worst off.

Anyone in San Diego reading this. Do not visit their booth, do not even give it a passing glance. This stupid bullshit should not even be acknowledged by the public.

Source: CBR Forums, Ars Technia, Kotaku

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