Ed Norton on Leaving Avengers

Edward Norton has finally spoke about the whole situation involving him and Marvel and the Hulk.

he told MTV News.

The thing that was disingenuous about some of the stuff that had gone on is it was a very professional and very respectful business situation, We really couldn’t work it out on a business level, and I know that’s disappointing to some people but it’s nobody’s fault. I don’t have any disrespect for anybody’s decisions in the business framework. You do what you feel you need to do on both sides, and that’s totally fine. I have no idea why anybody tried to characterize it as anything other than that kind of a decision, which is absolutely what it was.

Business decision? So one of two things happened:

A. Marvel were not willing to bow to his demands for a outrageous salary and Story control


B. Marvel offered a much lower Salary then Norton is worth and were unwilling to pay him a reasonable sum of money

We will never know the full truth but hopefully this turns out to be the best thing for everyone and the movie will be awesome! One thing is for sure though, Edward Norton knows how to come out of bad situations looking like the good guy!

Source: MTV

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