Edgar Wright Takes Over The Bloor

Over in Toronto, The Bloor Cinema, the Mecca for Canadian Grindhouse fans, will be taken over by Shawn Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright for the month of March. His reign of terror starts tonight with a showing of his two films and he’ll continue on hosting double bills on Saturdays through March and into April. He is the working schedule so far.

Mar. 1st: 7pm Shaolin Soccer/ 9:30pm – Riki-Oh

Mar. 8th:  7pm The Wanderers / 9:30pm –  The Warriors

Mar. 14th: 9:45pm – Head

Mar. 15th: 7pm Dames / 9pm – Phantom of the Paradise

Mar. 22nd: 5pm –  Spaced Marathon

April. 5th:  7pm Five Fingers Of Death / 9:30pm Drunken Master 2

April 12th: 7pm The Brood / 9pm Last Night

If you’re in the Toronto area, go catch a show and say hi.

Source: Twitch, The Bloor Cinema

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