eFX Releases First Marvel “The Avengers” Collectibles

Since The Avengers is on DVD and Blu-ray now, what better time is there for some amazing Avengers merchandise? eFX Inc. is starting to roll out the first in a series of Avengers related collectibles.

Up first are the Captain America posters and trading cards, as seen in Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers. The posters are selling for twenty dollars and are three different designs created directly from the digital files used to create the props seen in the movie. Starting October 16th, Captain America trading cards will also be available. The set includes ten trading cards, just like those in The Avengers, in either “near-mint” condition, or a bloodied version, like those after Agent Coulson’s death. Cards will come with a story of their creation and a certificate of authenticity.

Starting October 9th, you can begin to pre-order the first of a series of full-scale, screen accurate replica props. The first offerings will be Thor’s helmet, as seen in the Thor movie, and his hammer Mjolnir, as seen in The AvengersIf other images are any indication, Captain America and Iron Man props are coming next.

Head on over to their site and check out what they have to offer. I may just have to pick up a poster or two myself, and will definitely be checking out the movie props as they become available.

Source: eFX Collectibles
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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