Enjoy the Apocalypse with Bram and Ben

B&BNext month, Image is treating us to James Asmus’ first creator-owned series, The End Times of Bram and Ben, and it’s apocalyptic.





Nobody ever figured Bram Carlson for the Rapture-worthy type. All in all, he’s pretty much a total bastard. But when the Apocalypse comes, he disappears from the mortal plane along with the blessed—due to a heavenly clerical error. Heaven (somewhat) promptly sends him back.

Now that Bram has seen Heaven, he’s going to use his experience for his own gain. It’s up to his roommate Ben to stifle Bram’s ambition, but for a guy who’s never striven for anything, Bram is going after this dream like it’s the end of the world. Could it be the end of their friendship too?

Asmus teams up with comedian Jim Festante and European artist Rem Broo to make the apocalypse happen in End Times. In a story that examines what happens when reality isn’t what the characters think, things can get crazy, and fans are sure to love it. Even as Broo did, saying, “I think I was the first true fan of this comic. I have never asked James and Jim what’s going to happened in the script of the next issue. So, for almost two years now I lived the story as intensely as the comic characters I was drawing.”

Get ready for the apocalypse with Bram and Ben. It’s coming in January.


Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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