Episode Titles for Being Human Series 4 Revealed

I know I’m not the only one that’s trepidatious about the upcoming series of Being Human after the events of the series 3 finale. But regardless, I’ll be tuning in when it begins airing later this month on BBC3 even if there’s a new vampire on the scene to replace Mitchell (Damien Malony as Hal).

In the new January 11th issue of SFX, Being Human creator Toby Whithouse gives readers a guide to this year’s eight episodes but to get us excited for them, SFX has revealed the episode titles and they are…

  1. “Eve Of The War”
  2. “Being Human 1955”
  3. “The Graveyard Shift”
  4. “A Spectre Calls”
  5. “Hold The Front Page”
  6. “Puppy Love”
  7. “Making History”
  8. “The War Child”

What do you think?

Source: SFX, BBC
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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