European Literature Night: The Graphic Novelists

Belgium graphic novel writer Judith Vanistendael is set to join a panel of other illustrious graphic novelists at European Literature Night: The Graphic Novelists. The event is being held on Wednesday 14th May at 18:30 at the British Library and is set to cover the diversity that can be found in contemporary graphic novels from across Europe. Other artists attending will be acclaimed cartoonists Line Hoven, Lucie Lomova and Max, to read from and discuss their respective works.

Belgium’s Judith Vanistendael is at the realist end of the comic book spectrum, tackling the big issues of cancer in When David Lost His Voice (SelfMadeHero). Judith has also been short-listed in this year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards with nominations for When David Lost His Voice in three categories: Best U.S. Edition of International Material; Best Writer/Artist, and Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interiors).  The winners are announced on 25th July a San Diego Comic-Con.


In Love Looks Away (Blank Slate), Line Hoven uses her stunning scraperboard precision to record her grandparents’ and parents’ histories, from Hitler’s Germany to modern America.


In Divoši (‘Savages’), Lucie Lomova tells the true story of a Czech ethnographer who befriends a Brazilian tribesman and brings him to Prague in 1908, an encounter that transforms both their lives.


In the tradition of Dalí and Buñuel, the Spanish cartoonist Max blends surrealism, philosophy and humour in the richly symbolic escapades of Bardin the Superrealist (Fantagraphics).


The evening discussion is chaired by author Paul Gravett, who has co-curated the British Library’s major Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK exhibition which runs 2nd May to 19th August.

Tickets are priced at £10 for the event, which includes an invite to the reception and free entry to the exhibition Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK.

Source: BritishLibrary
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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