Even Baddies Need A Drink!


Even if that drink is a very fancy cocktail complete with tiny umbrella. We would not have pegged Sauron for that! Joining him are Darth Vader and a very camp looking Voldemort are chilling out together after a hard days murder and mayhem. It’s thirsty work trying to crush opposing forces, with really rubbish henchmen.

Poor Darth, looks a bit stressed. I imagine that conversation is something like Darth whining “Damn those pesky Rebels!” while Sauron is telling him off for bringing work up at the pub. Voldemort is clearly already drunk and at that stage where everything is funny. We want to go drinking with him!

This glorious image of the ‘Dark Lord Happy Hour’ is available in T-shirt form over at redbubble.com

Source: Geeks Are Sexy
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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  1. That’s pretty hilarious. The drink geek in me is wondering what they’re drinking. Does Darth Vader prefer domestic micro brews, or belgian classics? Is Sauron enjoying a prohibition cocktail? And is Voldemort, who is indeed clearly half in the bag, perhaps enjoying a delightful glass of burgundy?

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