EVENT: Dark Societies: An Evening with David Wingrove, Martine McDonagh, Julianna Baggott

Waterstones Piccadilly and the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club presents Dark Societies….  The feed back from the last event was so good, we have another one for you! And not one, or two but THREE AUTHORS! Waterstones Piccadilly and The Post-Apocalyptic Book Club are very proud to present the Dark Societies, an evening with Julianna Baggott, Martine McDonagh and David Wingrove.

The event takes place at 7pm on Thursday 7th June on third floor of Waterstones Piccadilly. Tickets cost £3. Please book your space by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7851 2400.

This unique panel discussion and interactive Q&A is our second in a series of events where we ask authors to delve into the depths of dystopia and help us understand why writers love a dark society.

A word of mouth phenomenon, Julianna presents her debut novel Pure. Here we meet Pressia Belze who has lived outside the Dome since the Detonations. Struggling for survival, she dreams of a life inside the safety of the Dome with the ‘Pure’. Partridge, himself a Pure, knows that life inside the Dome, under the strict control of the leaders’ regime, isn’t as perfect as others think. Bound by a history that neither can clearly remember, Pressia and Partridge are destined to forge a new world.

We then have a post-climate change world in the not-too-distant future which is the claustrophobic setting for the novel I Have Waited, And You Have Come by Martine McDonagh. We see Rachel’s life in North West England fall apart around her as she comes to grips with the possibility of a stalker and environmental changes. For those of you who keep track of our reading list, you will recognise this as June’s book! Now’s your chance to get all those questions answered…

And as icing on the cake we have leading science fiction expert and bestselling author of the Chung Kuo series David Wingrove helping us to make sense of dystopian futures. The internationally-acclaimed eight-volume series known as Chung Kuo is set 200 years in the future where cities span continents and are made of a super-plastic called ‘ice’. With a global population of 40 billion, these cities were divided into levels where success and prestige is measured by how far above ground they live. In the Lowers, people live in squalor where it is also possible to live ‘below the net’ which teems with criminal activity.



Source: Waterstones
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