SCI-FI-LONDON Opening Gala Night and Exclusive with Creator

Geek Syndicate was at the opening night of the festival now in its 12th year and we talked to one of its creators.

SCI-FI-LONDON’s opening gala event kicked off the festival with a blast. Being held at the Stratford Picture House which will be one of the festival’s homes throughout the week. Louis Savy one of the  founding fathers of Sci-Fi London and host was on hand to kick off the event with a speech which was followed by a live performance by a very sci fi themed duo which reminded me of a slower version of the Fifth Element opera song.

The crowd was excited and from all walks of life. The first film to be screened was Byzantium by Neil Jordan. A vampire tale with a difference. During the event we managed to catch up with Louis for a few words.

Geek Syndicate: With such an impressive contrast between feature films, independents and shorts films how do you decide what to screen?

Louis Savy: We look at a few options including open submissions that are sent to us and then look at other film festivals and see what they have on and maybe request a screening. We see what is in production and also get previous creators to come back and show us what they have been up to. We also go looking for new and exciting stuff.

GS: You have just launched the 48 hour film challenge with judges Benedict Cumberbatch and Guillermo Del Toro. How is that going?

LS: It is going really well. Benedict and Guillermo have both sent their results and we are just waiting for the other judges to decide now. The judges have been stunned by the quality of the entries based on the fact that all we give them is a title and some dialogue. These are really cool movies and you can check them out on The Multiverse our You Tube partners.

GS: As well as films you have some fun workshops but how did these come about in a film festival?

LS: SCI-FI-LONDON is a film festival first but the word festive is there  so we wanted to make the experience fun. Yes the films are fun but some can be very dark and moody and thought provoking so we wanted to make it fun.
The UK used to be the best in the world at making Sci Fi films and all the best technicians are here so we wanted to people to be inspired by what they did to go and make their own films. We do stuff for families and for the kids and even writing schools.
GS: As well as the new content you are also showing some classics in the film line up like Lifeforce and Dark Star. Who decides these?

LS: It is a combination of seeing what is coming out on Blu Ray because then we know it has been remastered. We have shown classics on screen before but they are the original 35m prints so when we screened Planet of the Apes and Tron they were both in pink. We also sit in the office just debating what films we have not seen on the big screen for a while and what would we like to watch ina cinema with popcorn and with a load of friends..

GS: You three separate All Nighter movie marathons this year including a Anime, a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Defiance. A lot of people have seen these movies and loved them. Tell us about these.

LS: We started off with Aliens and then Anime and now we have three separate ones. We have run a lot of the MST3K nights and it is a highlight of the festival and people expect it. The Anime has always been a huge hit and we have always selected the best there is on offer. The Defiance is also a great set of movies because how often do you get to watch a great movie where you can cheer and clap along with 100 other people.

GS: At the SCI FI Weekender you were telling people about the alien movie you were making and to get involved. What can you tell us about that?

LS: After 12 years of telling people why we are not showing their film and watching thousands of movies we thought it was time to make one ourselves. We are showing it here and are a bit panicky that it won’t make sense but we hope people will love it. It is a very sweet Sci Fi film with a great cast and some great comedy. In the future we want to start doing more of our own content as part of the festival.

GS: What are you most looking forward to?

LS: I can never answer that because we have so much on offer and I love all of it.

Tickets are still on sale for the rest of the festival events and the All Nighters are this Saturday so be sure to try and make one….

Reporter: Montoya

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