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robot_caption_logo_miniThe Caption Comics Festival  has become know as the ‘comics creator’s convention’ is starting to flex its artistic muscles in preparation for its 2013 event. As well as creators from 200oAD and The Phoenix the con has been adding a few other name to their ever growing list.

We talked about this event on a episode of Geek Syndicate in the not so distant past. One of the big selling points for me is the great idea that the convention has a shared table where creators can leave their wares to be sold by the Caption team while they can go off an enjoy the many workshops and panels on offer. Now that I moonlight as comics editor I often find myself now at cons on the other side of the table selling comics and a lot of the time I’m covering the table on my own. This can sometimes make for a less than fun convention experience if the foot traffic is slow. There’s also the added downer of later in the bar trying ignore tales of  seeing what everyone has bought or how good that panel was and having to fake my way through conversations with a well placed ‘Yes ah I was there at the back of that panel…I heard and saw everything. What Caption offers to creators seems to be the best of both worlds. I’m not sure how well this will work in practice without the sales patter a creator can give to a potential mark *cough* I mean customer but keen to find out. I’m planning to attend Caption so I will report back on how well this side of things worked out. I think with more conventions selling out of table space faster and faster this may be a model that some of these con’s could look at doing to help those who could not get a table.

Although I haven’t heard anything about what panels will be running (not officially anyway) the Caption Festival has put together a solid line up of guests.

Caption is proud to announce that guests include Rian Hughes (Dan Dare), Andrzej Klimowski (Stanisław Lem’s Robot…), Danusia Schebal (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde graphic novel), Al Davison (Doctor Who comics), Paul Collicutt (Robot City Adventures), Karen Rubins (Victoria & Albert Museum comic artist in residence), Ian Rakoff (V & A comics lecturer, writer “The Prisoner: Welcome to Harmony”) and Charles Cutting ( artist for The Doings of Vincent John McKeown, Poet), with more to be announced in the weeks to come.

The latest list of guests have just been announced and there are some corkers on there.

These include: Yomi Ayeni and Jennie Gyllblad, the creator and main illustrator of Clockwork Watch, an immersive interactive story set in a steampunk universe. The narrative is played out across graphic novels, interactive theatre, online platforms, an interactive book and a feature film. Yomi and Jennie will be at Caption on the Saturday of the festival.

Hannah Eaton was a runner up in last year’s First Fictions competition in which Myriad Editions (publishers of the award winning Rumble Strip) were looking for fresh voices to join the world of graphic novels, with judges including Ian Rankin. Hannah’s proposal – Naming Monsters – has just been published by Myriad and tells a semi-autobiographical tale of the author’s adolescence juxtaposed with traditional British legends and fairy-tales, rendered in a highly detailed illustrative style. Hannah will be a guest on the Saturday of the festival.

Robert M Ball and Ben Dickson are young creators working in the science-fiction and fantasy fields, with their graphic novels released by independent publishers Great Beast Comics and Scar Comics respectively. Ball has become a favourite at small press conventions for his paintings of superheroes in a ‘Mondo’ style while Dickson has run up an impressive number of credits on various horror titles including an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft for Self Made Hero. Dickson will be a guest on the Saturday of the festival and Ball on the Sunday.

John Aggs and Robert Deas are renowned illustrators working for children’s comics and both have worked in adapting the words of literary greats for the page. Aggs collaborated with His Dark Materials author Phillip Pullman on a story for The DFC and Deas has adaptations of Macbeth and Pride and Prejudice under his belt. With their latest strips Zara’s Crown and Troy Trailblazer for Oxford based The Phoenix comic, they continue to delight and intrigue young audiences. Aggs and Deas will be guests on the Saturday of the festival.
Chris Geary and Mike Medaglia are cartoonists who have used comics in education and to illustrate more fantastical tales. Geary is the illustrator of Commitment, a graphic novel about project management skills, and a contributor to 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz. Medaglia runs, with Mark Haylock, Comics Gosh!p, a graphic novels reading group based at the famous Soho comics shop, which has also become a feature at Caption in recent years. Medaglia is also a contributor to The Comix Reader newspaper and editor of Wu Wei, an anthology that gives writers & artists a space to creatively explore spirituality through the medium of comics. Geary and Medaglia will be guests on the Sunday of the festival.

The convention is being held on Saturday 24th August (11am – 11pm) and Sunday 25th August ( 11am – 5pm ) at the Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford OX4 1DD. Ticket are a bargain at either £6 for a day or £10 for both days.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Caption 2013

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