EVENT REPORT: GEEKS Wolves Comic-Con 2017

Cynical is how the conversation unfolded, as my companion and I walked to Geeks Con on June 10th at the Wolverhampton Race Course. We were sceptical about what kind of event this would be, potentially small, which is fine, we’ve been to smaller events before. For us Geeks Con was an unknown quantity, we didn’t know much about the organisers, would this Con be legit? It felt a little like we were walking into the middle of nowhere to find this Convention which didn’t shake that opinion. As it turned out we were so caught up in gossiping about comics and films that we walked right past the huge building housing the event. When we did find the appropriate building we then had to figure out how to gain entry. We could see the Convention, just not an entrance, it turned out we had to walk through the Holiday Inn, better signage next time please!

Once we arrived we had our tickets scanned, our hands stamped and then we entered. Although a small Con, the event was sprawling, spread across a number of rooms. The event made great use of space, the aisles were wide and the vendors’ tables well laid out. There was a bar area serving drinks, food and providing plenty of space to sit down. The rest of the building was taken over with the Con. There were about 70 vendors with a wide range of wares for sale: toys, crafts, collectables, clothing etc. Although if you were after comics the selection was limited, only one dedicated stall and no independent sellers. In the smaller hall a row of tables was set to one side for TV and film stars, highlights included Colin Baker, Hattie Hayridge, and Brian Wheeler.

The largest hall, in addition to stalls, contained rows of seating opposite a small stage area. Around the venue hung posters advertising the day’s program of events. After a good mooch through the vendors’ area we sat down by the stage for the panels and activities. The stage provided a great source of entertainment, partly down to the excellent hosts. Linked to the PA system was an iPad allowing for the hosts to play sound effects and music as they desired. It also allowed the use of a red prop phone that enabled a number of fun gags with pretend comedy callers, very inventive. We watched Geek or Not Geek, Star Wars panel, a Geeky quiz and Cosplay talk. All were really good fun, a great mix of audience interaction and comedy.

Other highlights of the day included Screen Play, which took up a large corner and had lots of props and fancy dress items for last minute Cosplays. This was in addition to various props around the venue providing cool photo opportunities. There was a stand with a number of Daleks adding further photo opportunities. Friendly Daleks roamed the vendor halls offering out Jelly Babies to guests. They even terrified a young boy who didn’t spot a Dalek creep up behind him, he leaped out of his skin when offered a Jelly Baby, funny! Immediately outside the venue was a small gun range with a variety of pellet guns. Not something I’ve encountered at a convention before, though proved to be good fun. Turns out I’m a pretty awful shot, I managed to hit 4 targets with 55 rounds, sad times.

Our cynicism was unjust, this event proved to be excellent. A smaller, family focused event, with plenty going on. My only complaint was the lack of signage when we arrived to direct us to the entrance. I’d highly recommend a Geeks Con event, a good price (£6), good selection of vendors (comics aside) and a very entertaining day’s programming.

Source: GEEKS Comic-Cons
GS Blogger: Richard Blades

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