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The DC Dawn of Superheroes exhibition at The O2 in London is quite an experience. I saw a similar presentation just prior to the release of Justice League, but that was just a set / costume per character – this is on a much grander scale! For each of the characters covered, we follow the evolution of their costume design, not only in film media, but also in comics.


This is most marked by The Batman, whose costume has gone through many iterations from Keaton to Affleck, but also Wonder Woman, whose costume has changed dramatically through the decades in comics, as well as the deep contrast between Carter’s TV garb, and Gadot’s sword & sandals warrior outfit.

And we are treated to a lot of other characters: Robin, Batgirl and every Batman celluloid villain. There are some great props too, including the Bat-Pod from the two Dark Knight sequels.

Every is authentic – these are all the original outfits worn by the actors, so if you’re a cosplay fan and want to get up close & personal on the colour & pattern detail of Heath Ledger’s Joker outfit – you can.

The exhibition also provides an audio phone, which gives a very informative backing track especially on the comic artwork exhibits. I learnt a lot – such as the heavy influence of Zorro on the young Bob Kane when he created The Batman – so much so there’s a wonderful page of art detailing when Superman gives The Batman a present… unwrapped to reveal a video of ‘The Mark of Zorro’… don’t ignore it thinking it’s just background noise – it’s very interesting!

All in all, if you’re a real DC fan, then I’d recommend getting along to The O2 to check out exhibition. Check out all the photos in the gallery below which we are running here with the permission of Ijrogersphotographs

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