Game of Thrones DVD and BluRay Launch Party

What do quail eggs, a hog roast, thieves, dragon dancers, magicians, impromptu knife fights and an iron throne have in common?

If you are struggling for an answer then you need to journey with us to the lands of Westeros via the Old Vic Tunnels in London and all will be revealed.

Our adventure began when I received a scroll, sealed with wax, informing me that Dave and myself were now of the House Targaryen. Part of our duties, as members of the house, was to attend a great feast celebrating the launch of Game of Thrones Season 1 on DVD and Blu Ray. Not wishing to dishonor our house we graciously accepted the request.

We were shocked to discover as we entered the dark and foreboding Old Vic tunnels that they had been transformed into a breathtaking spectacle. For one night, using the darkest magic, the land of Westeros as created by George R.R Martin and adapted to the TV screen by HBO had been bought to London.

All of the staff working the event were suitably attired in garb similar to that of the TV show and were in character for the whole evening. One example of this was when we had dared to enter the Winterfell hall to grab ourselves a flagon of warm cider. Soon after entering I was approached by two of the locals who demanded to know what house I was from. I turned to my trusty and stalwart companion Dave Montieth for aid but found he had suspiciously disappeared. The man repeated the question and glancing at my entry bracelet I replied I was House Targaryen. My response caused the conversation to turn somewhat frosty with just the hint of possible violence as one of the men bellowed “What are you doing here Targaryen Dog?  We don’t want your kind in Winterfell!” Now usually I would have taken the hint but the smell of the hog roast towards the right side of the great hall had reached my nostils. I downed my warm cider, shuffled away and I grabbed myself a few slices of hog from the kindly barkeep before moving quickly into another chamber before my alliances were uncovered once more. Instead of finding myself back in the Targaryen hall I now stood before the seat of power in Westeros, the iron throne. To my horror Dave had beaten me to it and had claimed the throne for himself.

In an epic clash of steel, special effects, a four hundred person stunt team Dave and I fought for the Iron Throne until I stood…sorry sat victorious..for all of 2 minutes until it was the next person’s turn to get their photo taken.

After  our quick photo op we returned to the Targaryen hall where we entertained by the local magician and merchants before watching three ladies performing the Dragon Dance. Soon after the dance concluded a knife fight broke out between two serving girls which was concluded on the stage to the rising applause of the guests, who were a blood thirsty bunch. As we stood watching the help disemboweling each other we were treated to such delicacies as quail eggs dipped in herbs and spices, slices of ham and melon, lashing of wine and other tantalising delicacies.

Most of the cast of show were in attendance all seemed to be enjoying themselves. During the evening I manged to get a brief chat with Ser Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd).

As the evening drew to a close and we relunctancly took our leave of this spectacular launch party our presence was rewarded with a swag bag containing a Game of Thrones season one Blu-Ray, a Game of Thrones novel and a Targaryen t-shirt.

All in all a good night of drinking and pillaging and we didn’t even have to behead or disembowel a single guest…not for want of trying though!

Game of Thrones: Season 1 is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD

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GS Reporter: Nuge

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